Final Debate Commentary: Night of Contradictions

What's Happening...


My last commentary until after the election. I will continue to track the seasons of this campaign on my Works page.

This election has been like a rollercoaster ride. Many of us had hoped to see true change in our political system. I have to admit that I was once hoping Trump would win just so he could knock the establishments off of their feet. In hindsight I think I would have preferred Jeb Bush over Trump and certainly Bernie Sanders over Clinton but this was not to be. I don't agree with Clinton on a lot of things but the truth is she will win the election. In this commentary I will take you from start to finish of why I say this.

First let me say that Trump could have won this election. It truly was his moment and season to rise up in the nation. The times was right for him but he sabotaged his own campaign with his negative character. He gave Clinton plenty of ammunition from out of his own mouth and from the misdeeds of his past. During his whole campaign  he's been like a charging bull but instead of strength driven by his own inner fears, insecurities, fantasies and deficiencies. All of these things came out as some of the worst characteristics to be displayed by a political candidate. Like a  bull in china shop he thought he could bully and rip his way to the Oval Office but all he has really done is create havoc, confusion and more division in the nation. His greatest strength was his business experience, he knows the money games surrounding politics and he knows how to fight  but Clinton is a master in politics, ruthless and will do anything to win. The quality of his spiritual cycles was a continuous spiral downward each one bringing out more disquieting behavior. He built a negative campaign that in the end self-destructed as I predicted in my video about him "Donald Trump and the Sword of Truth".

Clinton has played her cards right from day one of this campaign season. The driving force of her campaign is her ruthless pursuit of power. She plays to win, is naturally commanding and selfish enough to get what she wants by hook or crook. She will literally steal the election from Trump. Although her biggest challenges have been the sources of her wealth and things from the past she has overcome them by playing to the crowd and using her renewed ability of self discipline to avoid gaffes.  Some years ago I did a video about the mystery leader of 2016 who will win the election a ruthless, iron handed person who selfishly makes decisions without thinking about the greater good of others. Who like a tycoon has a one track mind that tolerates no disagreement or opposition to their plans. Over the last 12 years I have wrote how our nation is moving into a new era, the old guard passing away and a new one arising. We are seeing all of these things come to fruition in front of us now.

God reminds me that He can take the worst of people and use them in His plan so that what at first seems intolerable ends up paving the way for something better.  When Clinton is inaugurated  what we have to do is surround her with prayers. She will be the President of a nation, one planet out of millions in God's universe. She is a human but God is the Creator. Although from down here on earth it might seem like her power as President is great it is nothing compared to the divine will of God. It is not easy being the President of the United States especially during these times with so many conflicting interests. We just have to lift her up.

In conclusion, our nation is changing and Clinton is a part of this change. After this election politics will not be the same and the future of both the Democratic and Republican parties will be in danger. The 1% are still not through with gutting our finances. TPP is not dead yet and immigration reform will happen. Civil unrest will test our social structures while a dip in the economy will empty some of our pockets. We are in a new era and as time goes on we will adjust. The truth is that the nations future will hold some serious challenges, right around the corner and closer than we think. However, no matter what is going on in our nation and world we each have to work hard to build peace within ourselves. As long as we have peace within and are at peace with the things we do our lives will be okay.

This will be my last commentary until after the election. I pray that you have learned something from the campaign activities that has made you wiser. I also pray that you will remain positive and encouraged no matter what happens in our nation.

God is good.