Reflections from my spiritual journey

If you are in need of prayer you can always contact me through my prayer page. Also, I have posted prayers for financial blessing, guidance, healing, peace within and more for your convenience.  

Learn from my observations, experiences, mistakes and triumphs through my new series on my Spiritual Journey . Brief reflections on my journey with God.


  • Spiritual Spring of Kanye West
  • Spiritual Summer of Putin
  • Spiritual Autumn of Mugabe
  • Book of Spiritual Seasons
  • Spiritual consultation on your problem

Book of Spiritual Seasons is now available! This is a great resource for those who are serious about finding their own way or helping others. You can also order a real life demo of the seasons. I will do a consultation with you using the seasons.

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Special Features

I don't believe our nation will go to hell because we are a mixture of good and bad people just as any other place on earth. However, I do have some choice words on the Supreme Court Ruling.