September 27, 2016 Commentary on the U.S. Presidential 1st Debate

The clear winner in this first presidential debate between Clinton and Trump is enemies of the U.S. around the world. The clear loser of this debate is the American people. It was just that awful in my humble opinion. The debate quickly became a debacle as the candidates took their gloves off and wrestled like they were on WWE. Lester Holt might as well have been a fly on the wall as he lost control and the debate derailed into something akin to a Chicago street fight. The pressing issues of the nation took a backseat while Trumps lawsuits, Hillary's super predator comment, Trumps birther movement and accusations of Hillary's disloyalty to Obama took front and center. Our economy is on a critical path, terrorist are blowing us up on our own soil , a race war is brewing and the South China Sea is fast becoming a serious crisis but here we are watching the future leader of our nation talk about tax returns and emails. Woe is me!

I provide my honest critique of each candidate below.

Hillary Clinton

It was very obvious that Hillary had done her homework and spent considerable time preparing for this debate. She had a good command of policies and potential solutions. She presented her plan of creating more jobs through infrastructure, talked about raising the minimum wage and improving access to childcare. Her plans sounded very similar to the promises Obama made in his campaigns. Nevertheless, Hillary had a good handle on data and presentation of it at opportune times during the debate.  She did a excellent job at times of portraying herself as executive material and of presidential quality. This is exactly what any presidential candidate would want to do. The downside is that she allowed Trump to pull her down into mud slinging and you can't sling mud without getting dirty. The debate became a schoolyard fight as she took jabs and Trump and played dodge ball with his hits.

Donald Trump

It was very obvious that Trump had done very little homework and even less time preparing for what would be one of the biggest nights of his campaign. How his team could let him go on stage with such little preparation is disturbing. He really should start questioning the loyalty of those around him. He did a great job of explaining the truth about why jobs are leaving this nation but did an awful job of telling how he would bring those jobs back. His presentation during the debate was not of executive material or presidential character but more of a bully. I had really hoped Trump would do well during this 1st debate but was disappointed.

In the next presidential debate I expect better from both of these candidates especially Trump. We the people of this nation whether Democrat , Republican, Independent  or Green deserve better than this. Have we as a nation fallen so low that politics is now entertainment? Because that is exactly what this 1st debate was.

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