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May 23, 2016 Commentary

South China Sea is where you need to be paying attention. The actions of the US in that region is deliberate almost provoking. Its as if the powers that be want to start a war with China. The tensions are escalating. The recent move by Obama to lift an arms embargo to Vietnam is not good. I have a video on this situation coming out soon.

In U.S. Politics the charade continues as Clinton and Trump start to square off. Right now, my gut instinct is telling me that we are facing a Trump presidency. I really believe that a lot of democrats will shift to Trump. Also, I don't see blacks coming out in force to vote Clinton into office. Either way we are in for a rocky ride.

On a completely different subject.

If you would like to host a Spiritual Seasons workshop at your place of worship or in your community please contact me. I would be very interested in coming to your area to teach folks about the spiritual seasons. After the workshop participants will be able to follow the spiritual seasons of any given situation. Also, as time permits I can do a spiritual season chart on participants situations. It really is fun and exciting learning how to take better control over the situations of your life. Send me a message through my contact page if you are interested.

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