July 23, 2016 Red Sun Rising...What Does It Mean?

For the past week or so I have witnessed an amazing sunset that spoke to my spirit. The sun was like a firey red ball in the sky perfectly outlined.  I've never seen the sun like this before and within my spirit I knew that I was witnessing a sign from God of things to come.

The firey ball in the sky can mean many things to different people. To me it was confirmation of what I've been feeling in my spirit, writing and talking about for a long time. Several years ago I did a video on the Mystery Leader of 2016 that spoke of a horrid leader to come. This leader will be very heavy handed, a strict disciplinarian and will crush opposition and critics striking concern and fear in many. This leader will lead us to war and will change the dynamic of world power and global politics. They remind me of Putin in so many ways. A leader fit for Russia not the United States of America.

This coming leader will not only have to guide us through war but will be required to navigate our economy through another coming economic collapse. Additionally, they will have to pull the nation back together again from the broken racial, social and moral bits and pieces that previous administrations have left. The only problem with this is that it's not in their heart to pull the nation together in fact they will seek to conquer by division. They will make matters worse for the masses but easier for them and their ilk.

You don't have to be religious to see what is coming or even believe in signs from God such as the firey ball in the sky. Just look around you and see what our nation is doing and what will be produced from today's actions. We are becoming like foul and hateful birds in a cage pecking and wounding one another. We have become morally bankrupt. The United States economy is driven by greed. Nothing good can come of these things. How anyone can expect a good and decent leader to be born out of all this is beyond me. We are making the path clear for wickedness to rise to the highest office in the land.

None of this is new or should be a surprise the Book of Revelation tells us about these days and the future days to come. We keep looking for this perfect world and society but the truth is our nation is headed for dark days ahead. We are about to go through some things and I'm concerned that we will not be spiritually prepared. The firey ball in the sky is a warning sign of days to come but also a powerful message for all of us to get our house in order. Now is the time to focus on building our spiritual strength and becoming more spiritual in God.

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