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August 21, 2016 Politics is War

Some of the ugliest battles didn't happen on the most famous killing fields of the world but during political election cycles. The current battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is no exception. In my Book of Spiritual Seasons I have a section devoted to showing you how the political campaigns go through the seasons. Currently, Donald Trump is still in a difficult season of spiritual spring while Hillary Clinton is enjoying a victorious spiritual summer. However, one thing the spiritual seasons teach us is that nothing stays the same everything is in a constant state of change. What is today will not be tomorrow.

Credibility is the key and focus during the first period within spiritual spring. There is a need for the candidate to establish themselves and give people a vision of themselves in the office of the Presidency. Book of Spiritual Seasons

During Hillary Clintons spiritual spring she tried to do exactly this despite constant email woes. Donald Trump on the other hand has done a awful job of establishing himself within his current season of spiritual spring due to things he has said and character deficiencies. He has slipped in the polls and is having trouble with the GOP establishment and implementing a solid ground game for his general election battle. Time is running out.

In my video Donald Trump and the Sword of Truth I talk about how Trump came out the gate touching on some of the sentiments and truths of our society which gave him a GOP Primary  victory. However, truth can be a two edged sword swinging back on the one who attempts to use it and right now we are witnessing this with Trump.

The season of spiritual spring is a time for sizing up your opponents and gathering intelligence and useful contradictions. This information will prove useful as  the candidate grows closer to the end of the season and especially during the season of spiritual summer. Essentially you are building up ammunition to use against your opponent at an opportune time. Book of Spiritual Seasons.

Looking at the current battle between Clinton and Trump it is easy to see that right now Clinton is the one who is pulling out the most damaging ammunition against Trump. Just this weekend it has been revealed that Trumps business empire is in more debt than he claimed and although he pounded Ted Cruz for his ties to big banks the truth is now out that Trump himself has ties to the Bank of China and Goldman Sachs. Clinton is clearly playing him like a fiddle. Now we will have to wait and see if Trump has some ammunition for Clinton. There is plenty of ammunition that Trump could use.

In the overall flow of the seasons within a political campaign spiritual spring is a short season but the most crucial for success. Candidates who fail to establish and distinguish themselves from their opponent in this season are setting themselves up for failure. Those who are able to master this season will be better suited for the heated battles of spiritual summer. Spiritual spring decides who will be able to compete but spiritual summer decides who most likely win. Book of Spiritual Seasons

Trump will enter his spiritual summer somewhere around debate time. He has up until that time to further build his credibility and vision of himself as President of the United States. One external event that could be a huge game changer in this race is a major dip in the economy. A faltering economy would become a millstone around Clinton and the Democrats neck but a boon for Trump and the Republicans. Also, Trump could unleash damaging information about Clinton that could see her take a nose dive in the polls. There are many variables that can and probably will upset the current pace of the race.

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