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Book of Spiritual Seasons

April 17, 2016 Commentary

I have posted a new video about how twisted our nation has become. I love the USA and am proud to call this place my home. My ancestors dedicated their lives to help building this nation and made their families here. Yet, I would be remiss not to point out some of the obvious twisted truths about our nation today. I very concerned because we in a deep state of apathy when we really should be crying for revolutionary change. Visit my video page and check out the new video.

This week I have decided to restart my vegetarian diet. I am not perfect and know that I will fall off every once in a while but I'm determined to make this positive change in my life. I need to eat more healthy and also lose some of this weight. I encourage you to examine your diet and lifestyle and see what changes you can make that will give you better health. A lot of the food we buy today is just flat out no good for us. We really need to take a closer look at what we feed ourselves.

I encourage you to buy my book "The Book of Spiritual Seasons" which is full of knowledge and resources to help you start following the seasons of your life situations. I've come to realize that this is a certain level of knowledge that not everyone will appreciate or comprehend. You really have to be spiritually in tune with God's universe in order to understand it. There are many levels of consciousness and the spiritual seasons falls within the higher limits. Order your copy today.

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