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July 8, 2016 Commentary The Face of White Supremacy

White Supremacy is not some mythical organization with card carrying members.

The face of White Supremacy is not just folks who wear white sheets or burn crosses in yards. The face of White Supremacy is all around us. Over the past couple of days we have seen more than our share of White Supremacy in the murder of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by racist cops. Yet, White Supremacy exist beyond the police uniform. It is the racist boss on the job who continually marginalizes the efforts of black workers and shows favoritism to others. It is teachers like the middle school teacher in Mobile, Alabama who gave her students the racist "LA Math Test" that features math formulas based on prostitution, drug dealing and drive-bys. It is the loan officer who makes it hard for aspiring black homeowners to buy a home. The face of White Supremacy can be found in board rooms, convenience stores, federal agencies, politicians and cop cars. It is everywhere.

White Supremacy is not all white people just as all black males are not thugs and drug dealers.

It is these type misconceptions that create barriers to solutions and productive discussions on race in America.

White Supremacy has an agenda to marginalize and depopulate black people in American society.

The police killings, the free flow of guns, drugs, liquor stores, HIV/AIDS, the disproportionate amount of abortion clinics in black neighborhoods, the empowerment of gangs by the very law enforcement agenices who are supposed to eradicate them  are all products of a White Supremacy agenda to destroy black americans.

White Supremacy has started a war against black people in America.

Within the last three days I have witnessed the ugly face of hate and the destruction it can do if individuals allow themselves to be entertained by it. Hate comes in many forms and White Supremacy is just one of them. The same hate that also caused cops to kill Philando and Alton is the same hate that killed the 5 cops in Dallas. All of this can be stopped when White Supremacy is finally put to rest in this country.

Until America has the guts to look racism squarely in the face we will continue to see racist killings and retaliation. This is the truth that  no one wants to face up to.