Sister Sharon Roach

The spiritual seasons are guaranteed to happen in all aspects of your life and the truths they bring will most definitely be impacting. Below is a list of 14 undisputed truths I would like to share with you:

  1. Everything has a beginning and end.
  2. No one season can last forever.
  3. A wedding, dating and even a new friendship are all of the season of spiritual spring. A new connection has been made that will hopefully lead to deeper bonding.
  4. Order is preceded by disorder- This is an element of truth to be found in all spiritual seasons.
  5. No one can lead you during spiritual summer. You have to make your own way by taking action yourself.
  6. Each spiritual autumn brings a new loss that will lead to new growth in spiritual spring
  7. There is no room for timidity in spiritual summer. It is the season of courage.
  8. Spiritual summer is the desire to move beyond what is already there.
  9. Adulthood is a phase of life that falls under spiritual autumn. It’s a time of life when things become serious as responsibilities and survival take priority.
  10. Spiritual autumn is unwelcome reality exposing the illusions of spiritual summer.
  11. The decline of spiritual autumn is unstoppable and natural there is no choice but to let it run its course.
  12. Old age, death and even divorce are all part of spiritual winter. Either it will bring dormancy which will see a later blooming or a literal end. Yet, even death is followed by eternal life.
  13. Inevitable, dreaded and least desired is how the spiritual season of winter is viewed but it remains to be most necessary for continuing, completing and bringing closure.
  14. Sometimes the truths of spiritual winter paralyzes people causing them to freeze. During this state of spiritual paralysis, there is no internalization or outward expression and thus situations become stagnated.



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